Purpose: The Historic Marker Program was established to honor and celebrate the history of the town of Mansfield and to create visibility, awareness, and interest in the individuals and families who helped shape our community. Many people are curious about the house where they live and visit the Historical Society to find out more about their home and the many diverse people and places that made Mansfield what it is today. The Historic Marker Program is a way for residents to share that knowledge with the broader community by purchasing a custom-made, dated sign that helps preserve the story of Mansfield.

Eligibility: Any building that is at least 100 years of age or older is eligible for a historic marker.

Documentation and review: The age and original property owner must be substantiated. The authenticating research can be done by the homeowner. Property owners will fill out the application and submit a photo and inventory form from the Massachusetts Historical Commission database
 https://mhc-macris.net (if applicable) or any other relevant information about the property. Documentation must include a copy of the earliest recorded deed or comparable record, e.g., original tax records, newspaper accounts, or other credible evidence obtained from reputable sources. Ensure the source of each record is clear; if it’s not, annotate each document as needed. The applicant can request help for research at the Historical Society or the Mansfield Public Library.
All information and documentation submitted will be reviewed and verified by the MHS.
The application and supporting documentation will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the Historical Society. Once the review is complete and approval is granted, signs are usually ready within two weeks.

Design and cost: Each custom-made marker measures 12”h x 16”w and is made of ½” PVC white weatherproof sign board, with black fade-resistant lettering. Four holes are pre-drilled, and mounting screws are included. These individually made markers are $100 (which also includes a one-year membership to the Mansfield Historical Society) and only available through the MHS.

What information will be displayed? The marker shows the year or approximate year of construction and the original owner’s name or the original building name, and an endorsement by the Mansfield Historical Society. ***In certain circumstances, an alternate name will be considered if the individual was a significant owner or occupant. A proof of the sign must be approved by both the owner and MHS before it goes to production.

Where will it be installed? The sign is the property of the building/homeowner, who is responsible for hanging the sign. For ease of identification, the sign should be visible from the public roadway and not obstructed from view.
Questions? Please contact us at markerprogram@gmail.com with any questions or comments. We do ask for your patience as we are a small group of volunteers doing our best to respond in a timely manner.

We look forward to working with you on your application! Thank you for your support of the Mansfield Historical Society.


Historic Marker Program

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General Information and Application Instructions

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First of photographs of historic homes markers. More to come.

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Historic Marker Program

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